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"If Reiki can be spread throughout the world it will touch the human heart and the morals of society.  It will be helpful for many people, not only for healing disease, but the Earth as a whole.”  

- Mikao Usui

1865 -1926

What is Reiki?

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Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that helps to balance mind, body and soul. 


During a treatment, Reiki – meaning “universal energy” – is channelled via the practitioner’s hands into the client’s energy field to promote balance and well-being.


Anybody can benefit from Reiki.  It is safe for everyone and is often used within the NHS as a complementary therapy alongside more conventional medical treatments.


Here are some examples of why people come to us for Reiki treatments:


  • They have a physical illness or injury

  • They are feeling ‘unbalanced’ in some way – perhaps unsure of the path they are on in their work or relationships

  • They just need a time out – a safe place for peaceful reflection


Please see below for treatment details and feel free to explore the learn more section for a deeper understanding of Reiki.

What is Reiki

In person treatments


We come to your home and bring with us a massage couch for you to lie on during the treatment.  If you are unable to get onto the couch or lie down, the treatment can be carried out sitting or even standing.  We will work out what is most comfortable for you.


Usually, we will have spoken on the phone prior to the treatment.  We will still have a chat first to run you through what will happen and ask you to fill out a simple form if you haven’t done so already via email.


You remain fully clothed during the treatment; we may cover you with a blanket so that you don’t get cold.  Once you are comfortable, all you need to do is close your eyes and relax.  We bring calming music which adds to the experience, although the treatment can be carried out in silence if you would prefer.


Once the treatment starts, we, the therapist, spend a few minutes with some preparatory exercises.  We will then place our hands on different areas of your body, according to where we are intuitively guided (the treatment can be carried out with hands held slightly away from you if you would prefer).    You may feel heat or tingling in certain areas, see colours or images, or perhaps have an emotional response, like needing to laugh or cry. 


All of these are fine and perfectly normal!  As is having no particular feelings at all.  Often, the effects are initially very subtle and people feel a change in mood or sensation a day or two afterwards.


Once the treatment has finished, there is time for you to gently awaken from your relaxed state and a time for reflection.  People often like to discuss their experience and what it may mean.


Cost per session: £65

In person

Distance Reiki treatments


We connect with you first, wherever you are in the world, via telephone or online (zoom, skype, etc.)  We will also send you some music prior to the session.


Once we have disconnected, you will lie down somewhere comfortable and put the music on.  We will ‘send’ you Reiki over distance and the sensations you feel will be similar to those during an in person treatment.  We then send you a text to let you know the treatment has finished and when you are ready, we re-connect online/on the phone to reflect on the session.


People find it hard to comprehend how a distance treatment might work, so we have explored this in our blog entry.


Cost per session: £50 

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